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Causes and symptoms of elevated blood pressure

Hypertension can be primary or secondary. Secondary hypertension is the most commonly diagnosed and its cause cannot be precisely determined. It is assumed that the problem may be due to genetic and lifestyle factors. Secondary hypertension is associated with diseases affecting other organs such as the kidneys, arteries, thyroid, and the nervous system. It can also be a result of severe stress, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, a poor diet rich in salt, fats and preservatives, obesity, or lack of physical activity. The symptoms of elevated blood pressure are not always noticeable. Some people may experience the following:

  • a pulsating headache,
  • scotoma,
  • tinnitus,
  • visual impairments,
  • excessive fatigue,
  • insomnia,
  • apathy, irritability,
  • swelling of the face,
  • depression,
  • nausea.

Most commonly, excessively high blood pressure is detected by chance, during routine check-ups. Neglected and untreated hypertension can cause impairment of other organs. It can lead to atherosclerosis, a heart attack, stroke, or heart failure. If problems with hypertension are detected, it is important to prevent the complications that the disease brings. Lifestyle changes and proper supplementation are very important factors. Cardio NRJ is also a good way to restore your blood pressure to normal.

Pills Cardio NRJ – works? results, side effects

Hypertension is a disease that is taking a growing toll. It is considered a disease of civilization and occurs in highly developed countries. It is very deceptive as it may not cause any symptoms for a long period of time. It is very important to control your blood pressure often and, if you notice alarming signals, to change your lifestyle and use appropriate preparations. A very helpful supplement is Cardio NRJ, which helps restore health. Untreated hypertension and its complications are a frequent cause of death.

Cardio NRJ – first aid for hypertension

Cardio NRJ is an effective supplement that works from the first dose. Its effects are diverse, such as:

  • normalization of blood pressure within just 6 hours of consumption,
  • harmonious regulation of the functioning of the heart,
  • regeneration of the body,
  • improved immunity,
  • reduced inflammation,
  • positive impact on the skin,
  • strengthened blood vessels,
  • reduced risk of blood clots,
  • reduced post-stroke complications such as slurred speech, poor memory, and mobility problems.

Cardio NRJ can be taken by individuals of all ages, at any stage of illness. The supplement is recommended for those recovering from a stroke, heart attack and other serious illnesses. It can also be an element of prophylaxis. The product has undergone numerous studies that have confirmed its effectiveness. It holds all necessary licenses and quality certificates. Clinical trials have proven that Cardio NRJ normalized blood pressure in 100% of patients, whereas in 99% of patients it helped eliminate arrhythmia and in 90% of patients it helped eliminate venous thrombosis.

Using the product is extremely simple. Cardio NRJ comes in the form of convenient to swallow capsules. The recommended dosage is 1 capsule twice a day, during a meal. The Cardio NRJ supplement should be taken for 3 months and the treatment can be repeated if necessary. The preparation has received positive reviews, and it is recommended by both doctors and patients who have been able to lower their blood pressure and restore their health. Those who have previously suffered, are able to enjoy life once again.

Cardio NRJ

Cardio NRJ ingredients

Cardio NRJ is different from other products on the market. It is distinguished by its completely natural, herbal composition. Cardio NRJ contains live plant cells that correspond to the cells in the human body. As a result, it is fully safe and does not cause any side effects. The ingredients have been very well researched and formulated to provide the best possible effect. Anyone who is interested in viewing the exact composition of the product can visit the manufacturer’s official website. There, the ingredients used and their impact on health are described in detail.

Tablets Cardio NRJ review, feedback

Pills Cardio NRJ original price, where to buy? online shop

Cardio NRJ is not available for sale in stationary stores. Counterfeits that have appeared on online listings or unknown online stores have nothing in common with the original preparation. It is not known what ingredients they contain, and as a result, they can trigger adverse reactions and cause damage to your health. The only place where you can purchase the original and effective Cardio NRJ supplement is the manufacturer’s official website. The manufacturer offers numerous promotional deals that allow you to buy the product at an affordable price.

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