eye shadows

Eyes are a mirror of the soul, and a well-made eye makeup will make our gaze more distinct. Thanks to a well-chosen eye shadow we will look Radiant and Fresh. It’s worth remembering that a properly selected eye shadow can optically reduce or enlarge the eye depending on the needs.

What eye shadow for what eye colour?

The main rule for a good eye shadows colour is contrasting colours. What does this mean? Each colour has its own contrasting colour. Thanks to this contrast, the colours are mutually reinforcing and Emphasizing each other.

eye shadows

Therefore, each colour of the iris will be beautifully accentuated by the corresponding Contrasting shadow colour. This is how the rules look like:

  • The blue eyes
    Harmonizing colours for blue eye owners are: turquoise, blue, grey-blue, subtle shades of green, pastel pink and graphite (instead of black, also for smokey eye). Contrasting colours are: gold, violet, claret, dark pink, peach and orange tones, black. A similar colour palette fits gray eyes.
  • The green eyes
    Colours harmonising with green eyes are: blues, yellows and greens. Contrasting colours to reach for are: violet violet, purple, red, heather tones, copper brown and black.
  • Hazel eyes
    For hazel eyes, the harmonizing colours are: beige, ivory, browns (including copper), peaches and corals. Contrasting colours are: violets, blues, greens.
  • Brown eyes
    Brown eye owners can reach for eyelid shadow in brown, peach and salmon shades to create an iris-harmonious frame. In contrast, they can use gold, purple, intense purple, olive green or turquoise and black.


Also remember to pay attention to whether eye shadows are Warm or cold – adjusting the tone to your own type of beauty. You can also use “safe”, natural colours that will work in any case – no matter what colour has your iris and what kind of look is closest to you. It’s mostly beige and bronze.

With their help you will make a subtle, daily makeup that will give you charm regardless of the occasion. But beware! To create a fashionable, beautifying make-up, you also need to take care of the appropriate technique of applying shadows. So brushes will be useful – to apply and blend them. Don’t forget about them, complementing your cosmetic Accessories.

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How do you match eye shadows to your eye colour?

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