Effective elimination of stretch marks is not an easy task. We can opt for surgery, e.g. dermabrasion or mesotherapy. Fortunately, we can also fight them with cosmetics, and the market abounds in products that Effectively eliminate the problem of stretch marks. It is worth noting that the fight against stretch marks requires self-denial, consistency and regularity in the application of products.

Where do stretch marks come from?

The dermis, or more precisely the connective tissue that is part of it, contains collagen and elastin fibres. These are important for the condition of the skin proteins produced by cells called fibroblasts. Stretchmark is caused by excessive stretching of the skin when these fibers break. Although the defects in the skin are naturally replaced by new fibers, characteristic hollows remain, i. e. stretch marks.

But beware! There is also good news: strong fibres can withstand more. Fibroblasts produce good quality fibres when the body is properly supplied with vitamins A, E, PP, B5, zinc, silicon and proteins. The rest will be complemented by physical activity, lack of stress and proper skin care.

How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

Pregnancy + weight gain = stretch marks. This is not the only scenario. You can prepare the skin for motherhood so as to delight with a nice body after delivery. To prevent stretch marks from appearing during pregnancy, it’s worth not eating for two – a pregnant woman’s appetite increases at different times and it’s normal for her weight to increase.

The myth is that the future mother should eat a lot of food during this time. Yes, she needs more calories for her baby to be well nourished and develop properly, but these should come from healthy food and not from fatty or processed food.

It’s worth taking care of your skin’s health – the more well cared for and nourished from the inside, the less likely it is to develop stretch marks. The key to this is a well-balanced diet, tailored to the woman’s needs. The diet during pregnancy should be full of vegetables and fruits, as colourful as possible, so that it provides the mother-to-be with all the necessary ingredients.


Vitamins A and E are important. Zinc is also particularly important as it’s used in the synthesis of collagen fibres in the skin. You should drink a lot of water – at least 8 glasses a day.
Water helps to keep the body healthier and the skin will be more elastic during pregnancy. A few times a week it’s worth doing a skin massage – you can do it at home with a rough sponge or glove. While in the shower, a woman should intensively massage the hips, thighs and buttocks, while the belly gently, and while rubbing the breast, avoid the nipple area.

What if they already appear?

Unfortunately, but to get rid of them, skin care alone is not enough. However, you can reduce the visibility of stretch marks as long as you react in the inflammatory phase. Preparations Stimulating collagen and elastin production that will support tissue regeneration will be helpful.

Then it is worth to reach for products dedicated to stretch marks, which will improve skin tone and texture. However, to completely remove stretch marks it will be necessary to take more invasive procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine, such as laser therapy, phototherapy, mesotherapy, chemical peels and others. Therefore, being pregnant, use proper diet and care in advance.

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