eyebrow permanent makeup

Eyebrow permanent makeup is one of the most popular types of permanent makeup among women. It allows to fill out gaps, give the eyebrows the desired shape and accentuate an Expressive look. What is more, it can help avoid the daily eyebrow makeup, which in turn saves time.

Manual techniques – or without the use of machines

These eyebrow permanent makeup techniques include the famous microblading (the feather method) and microshading. In microblading, the skin is incised using a special blade made of merged needles. The incisions are meant to imitate the shape of hairs.

Microshading consist of manual injection of pigment in order to achieve an effect close to machine shading and it is used as a supplementation of microblading. Microblading is a pretty invasive technique and when not done right, which happens very often, it may lead to development of scars. On top of that, it is frequent during the healing process for the pigmented hairs to blend together, which results in Unaesthetic stains.

Machine techniques

Properly executed machine techniques are gentler on the skin compared to manual techniques. The machine techniques include the hair technique and the shade technique, or the Mixed technique, the so-called combo. In the hair technique, there’s quite a risk of the pigmented hairs blending together during the healing process, especially if you have an oily or combination skin.

Shade technique

Eyebrows done with the shade technique look beautiful not only right after being done but also when healed up. Properly executed shade techniques allow to achieve effects from very Natural to intense. The modern shade techniques include powder brows, ombre brows and insta brows, or their counterparts under different names.

What are the differences between those techniques?

  • Insta brows – such brows are the darkest at the tips and the lightest at the base. They utilize gradient shading levels. These are brows for women who like a more Expressive look and wear strong makeup in everyday life.
  • Ombre brows – in these brows, it is the lower line and the tip that are the darkest. The higher and closer to the base, the brighter the makeup. The ombre shading is the most universal and can be recommended to women of any age. Depending on the color used, this technique can be Natural or a little more intense.
  • Powder brows (soft powder brows)– the most Natural of all permanent makeup techniques. After healing up, powder brows look like colored with a light shade or like a very Delicate henna. Such brows can have uniform and Delicate shading or have all edges blurry and the center slightly more intense.
eyebrow permanent makeup


  • pregnancy,
  • allergy to lidocaine and epinephrine,
  • cancer, viral and fungal illnesses,
  • taking steroids or blood thinning drugs,
  • cuts in the area covered by the procedure,
  • antibiotic treatment.

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