The best products, pills, creams and ointments for joint pain.

The group of patients suffering from joint pain and degeneration includes both the elderly and persons in the prime of life. Joint inflammations also afflict young people, especially athletes and office workers. There is a number of products for joint pain. What kind of solution to choose?

Cream for joint pain – what should be its composition?

The most popular group of products for joint pain are creams. They differ in terms of composition and properties. In case of acute pain caused by injury or rheumatism, a doctor will prescribe a cream with ketoprofen. Other joint painkillers are weaker and available over the counter. Their composition includes naproxen, ibuprofen, salicylates and diclofenac.

Both over-the-counter cream and the prescription medicine belong to the group of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. Aside from them, you can buy cooling or warming joint creams. Such preparations contain menthol, camphor and capsaicin.

They are highly valuable to athletes but may irritate their skin. In turn persons who wish to regenerate their joints should choose joint Cream with collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin. All these substances rebuild and protect the structure of the joints. An advantage of each of these creams is the fact that they act locally.

Joint pills – when pain wins

Products in the form of ointment or cream, which act locally, are usually administered permanently, particularly the ones available over the counter. They can soothe inflammation or regenerate. You should choose pills for joint pain when the pain prevents everyday living.

Speaking of joint degeneration, it is not a rare condition. The over-the-counter pills contain mainly naproxen, diclofenac and ibuprofen. It is however advisable to pay attention to Joint pills with meloxicam which has a neutral impact on the digestive system. Patients often choose Joint pills with paracetamol or aspirin, yet it should not be a long-term solution. Undoubtedly it is essential that you consult your doctor before you buy Joint pills.

The best products, pills, creams and ointments for joint pain.

Joint supplements

This group of preparations primarily supports and rebuilds, yet joint supplements also soothe inflammation and may reduce pain. If taken regularly, joint supplements have a positive influence on mobility and flexibility of joints, and also help you supplement losses in the joint cartilage and synovia.

The most frequent joint supplement is the powder which you can dissolve in water. The composition of joint supplements includes collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, as well as hyaluronic acid. Yet it is collagen that plays a key role. Additionally the joint supplements in pills include vitamins.

Herbs for joint pain – natural and safe

Considering top herbs for joint pain, the most frequent ones are comfrey, devil’s claw and bishofit Poltavsky. As opposed to synthetic products, herbs for joint pain help you relieve pain and joint stiffness naturally and in a non-invasive way. Besides these herbs can have warming, anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties.

Comfrey is recommended to athletes who deal with injuries and degeneration. As for rheumatism, choose sarsaparilla. The group of herbs for joint pain includes the wild rose as well. All herbs for joint pain can be applied along with a cream or gel, or administered in the form of infusions and decoctions.

Joint pills and preparations – what to pay attention to?

When choosing a joint drug, you need to think what you would like to achieve. Not every joint preparation can eradicate pain and help you regenerate. If you have to counteract pain, you will surely choose strong joint pill which should however be taken on a short-term basis.

When pain is chronic, you are advised to talk to your doctor about the product for joint pain. A special case is rheumatic pain and no joint supplement can soothe it. It may turn out that your problem is not so advanced and you will not be required to have a prescription drug. A doctor or physiotherapist will advise you on what joint pill you should use to avoid development of inflammation.

In such situation you must act comprehensively. You can choose one major joint product, e.g. Cream with collagen, and complement it with herbs and supplements. Remember that you can finish the joint drug treatment earlier if you go on a suitable diet and work out.

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What products can help you manage joint pain? Pills, herbal supplements or creams? Ranking list of the best products.

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