saggy arm skin

A perfect shape is a dream of many people, especially when we have an important event in our life coming up and we wish to look our very best. Stomach, legs or butt – these are the body parts that everyone remembers about. But what about arms? What arm exercises allow us to get rid of Butterfly arms, which aren’t very aesthetic to look at.

Arm exercises at home

We don’t have to go to a gym right away to perform arm exercises to get rid of saggy arm skin. They can be successfully performed at home. What arm exercises to perform at home?

  • Chin-ups
    The best solution is chin-ups on a bar (lifting yourself with your hands closer together than your shoulders). If you don’t have a bar, you can do chin-ups on a door or a table edge.
  • Push-ups against a wall
    Stand one step in front of a wall and rest against it. Tense up your biceps, and then slowly press your body against the wall, bending and stretching tense arms, as if trying to push the wall away.
  • Arm bends with a load
    Bend your arms alternately with some load like bottles of water for example. One bottle is 1.5 kilogram, when you grab a whole shrink-wrap pack, you get 9 kilograms of load per hand.
  • V arm lift
    Legs apart, knees slightly bent, hands with dumbbells along the torso, lift them at the arm level so that your arms form the V shape. Stomach muscles should be tense.
  • Arm lift
    Legs apart, knees slightly bent, arms with dumbbells bent at elbows and we slowly stretch them above head. Stomach sucked in, the back is straight.
  • Push-ups
    One of the most effective triceps exercises. You can rest yourself on your knees, your elbows close to the waist.
saggy arm skin

Arm exercises with dumbbells and weights

Although some of the arm exercises can be performed without dumbbells or weights, using them will definitely let you see the Results faster. Instead of dumbbells or typical weights one can use bottles, books or even a full backpack. Ladies, when exercising their arms, will also be able to notice changes in other regions of their body and put away regular breast exercises.

  • Forearm bending
    Stand straight, stretch your arms along the body, hold dumbbells in your hands. Keep your elbows pressed against your torso. Lift the dumbbells until the bicep is tensed to the max and slowly lower them to the initial position.
  • Dumbbell blows
    Stand straight, with your legs slightly apart. Lift dumbbells in stretched arms at the shoulder level. Bend your arms slightly at elbows. Rotating your hips slightly, send blows slightly diagonally. Right hand to the left, left hand to the right. Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times.
  • French lift
    Rest yourself on a bench or the ground, but preferably on a bench. While holding dumbbells in your hands, move their weight to behind your head. In a Dynamic move, return with the dumbbells to the initial position. Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times.
  • Vertical swings
    Stand straight and stretch your arms forward while holding weights. Then start making swinging moves, your right arm going up, your left arm going down. Return to the initial position and repeat the exercise once again, this time starting with the left arm.

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