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Sombre is pretty much a certain method of hair coloring that has a lot in common with the ombre. Both methods allow to achieve natural effects on the hair. It is sombre, however, that is considered to be more Subtle. Coloring allows to highlight strands of hair, which makes them look as if stroked by the sun. How to do a sombre on blond hair?

Blond sombre

Sombre blond is a coloring method that is much more Subtle than ombre. What does sombre look like on blond hair? Light gold highlights start right from the base. The reflections might be present on selected parts of hair, like around the face.

Sombre ensures very Subtle color transitions that might be singular, shorter or longer. The cutoff between colors is closer to the regrowth, is smooth and less visible. Above all, sombre coloring on blond hair looks impressive.

The highlighted hair gives the skin shine, lightens the face, makes it younger. The toned coloring is very convenient, as it doesn’t require frequent visits at a hair salon. With sombre and ombre hair, regrowths aren’t that visible.

The color transitions on hair look really natural. Sombre is a perfect solution for vacation. The sun perfectly reflects the light on the reflections, which makes them look simply radiant.

What type of hair will it work for?

Sombre blond is above all a suggestion for girls who would like to highlight their hair a little while also maintaining the natural look of hair. A properly done sombre is very easy to flush. Girls who decide to have a sombre or ombre should remember that after coloring, the hair will require proper care.

sombre blond

Highlighted hair has a natural tendency to get overly dry and to break. For that reason, it is necessary to get equipped with a Nourishing mask and Serum against split ends. What is more, it’s a good idea to limit hair washes to 3 times a week in order not to put too much strain on it. In the meantime, we can go for a dry shampoo that will refresh the hair a little and add volume to it. It is absolutely advised against using products that include sulphate and silicones in their composition.

Sombre Blond – whom is it for?

Sombre hair is a great solution not only for long and mid-length hair. Sombre blond on short hair presents itself just as good, the best suggestion is a sombre blond bob, which looks incredibly impressive. Ladies who choose this cut should also go for fashionable coloring.

Sombre on dark and red hair can also work out provided that the reflections were selected properly. Sombre dark blond is done with use of oxidizer. It is common for locks to also get dyed with different shades of brown or red in order to reduce the contrast and make them look 100% natural.

It is advised against using the sombre or ombre coloring on very damaged hair. The applied reflections might make it even drier and cause it to look unkempt.

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